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Fellows Quotes


"I cannot adequately put into words the invaluable impact that ALEF has had on my life. Without a doubt, ALEF has helped make me the person that I am today, and I am extremely thankful that I was selected to be part of the ALEF Beta class.

During college, ALEF provided me with numerous opportunities that otherwise would have been unavailable to me.  In addition, ALEF positively impacted nearly every aspect of my life, including, but not limited to, my college financial obligations; my friendships; wise mentors to guide me; my career choice; college, career, and life goals; my character and work ethic; my critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership skills, including the PRIDE acronym—Preparation, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, and Enthusiasm; my spirituality; and my view on serving and caring for others. 

ALEF’s impact extends well beyond four years of college.  Indeed, ALEF’s impact will continue with me throughout my life.  As I sit here today, the many lessons learned during ALEF meetings, ALEF events, ALEF trips, ALEF community service projects, and during simple times of fellowship with other ALEF Fellows and leaders, have carried over into my everyday life as a husband and father and into my profession as a lawyer.  I will forever be grateful for ALEF’s impact on my life."



"ALEF has been a source of service, friendship, and personal growth for me since I joined the program. Through this organization, I have learned how to conduct myself as a leader, how to expand my leadership qualities, and I have been given a pathway to give back to my community. I have volunteered at nursing homes, picked up litter from roadways, and had a good time doing so. This experience has been nothing but rewarding, and I recommend that any individual who is looking to learn and grow apply for this organization. You will truly, find a second family."



"ALEF, to me, means community, friendship, and service. My time in ALEF has granted me the knowledge to become a better leader and to serve my community, my friends, and my family more abundantly. Through this fellowship, I’ve had the opportunity to grow as a leader, a student, and a friend, and I am grateful to be an ALEF fellow!"



"When I think of ALEF and the impact it has had on my life I can only smile and think back on the fond memories and friendships I have made through this organization. I heard about ALEF through another fellow and the leadership, integrity, and wittiness it takes to be a member of ALEF.  I learned from other peers within the program and from Doc what and who I wanted to be in the world of professionals. I will take these skills and continue improving upon them, as I believe every member of ALEF past continues to do in their workforce and community."



"As an ALEF fellow, the program means so many things. Above all, it means community, character, and a lifelong support system. ALEF fellows reap an array of positive benefits from the program that will allow them to emerge from college as leaders. ALEF has most crucially granted me the necessary skillset for a successful future, as I have learned to use the five qualities of the PRIDE acronym to govern all aspects of my life."



"Being a part of ALEF is more than just an ordinary group or class. It has given me the opportunity to develop lasting friendships and connections that I will never forget on top of providing and teaching crucial leadership principles that we can carry throughout our careers, organizations, families, and personal lives. ALEF gives practical opportunities to become better leaders rather than just teaching about leadership. I am grateful to be called an ALEF Fellow and will take the things I have learned and experienced and put them to great use throughout my lifetime."