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A Partnership for West Virginia

Last year, West Virginia American Water and the Appalachian Leadership and Education Foundation (ALEF) found they were headed in the same direction relative to a common commitment to the state of West Virginia – specifically, development of the next generation of leaders for our communities, our state, and our nation. 

ALEF provides the mechanism for identifying, selecting, and mentoring young men and women who are financially challenged, smart, and have already demonstrated leadership skills in high schools across the state.  West Virginia American Water provides the institutional commitment and financial assistance to enable these young men and women to obtain a college degree and further develop their character and leadership potential. 

“This partnership is a great example of a West Virginia based business that touches almost every corner of the state and is deeply committed to community service and an equally committed non-profit committed to the this state’s next ‘greatest generation’ of leaders,”  said Gen (ret) Robert H. “Doc” Foglesong, President of ALEF. 

West Virginia American Water is now sponsoring two ALEF Fellows – Emily Wilson at Concord University and Amber Stenson at Shepherd University.  Emily is an education major in her third year, has an extraordinary grade-point average, is on the University soccer team, and spent her winter break last year working in an orphanage in Uganda.  Amber is also an education major and is just beginning her studies.  She had an extraordinary academic and extracurricular record in high school and is committed to teaching, hopefully in a West Virginia secondary school system. 

Wayne Morgan, President of West Virginia American Water, was very clear about his company’s support of these two ALEF Fellows and what they represent for West Virginia.  “These two young women represent the best our state has to offer.  We take our commitment to West Virginia and our communities very seriously and are proud to be partnering with ALEF to enable the education and leadership development for both Emily and Amber,” Morgan said.

West Virginia American Water provides water and wastewater service in 19 West Virginia counties, which make up the majority of the region where ALEF selects Fellows.

“ALEF and West Virginia American Water serve the same geographic areas of West Virginia,” Morgan continued.  “This is a natural partnership that works well for everybody.”