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United Coal and ALEF
– Partnering to Provide Leadership for Appalachia

As a founding sponsor of the Appalachian Leadership and Education Foundation (ALEF), United Coal has recommitted to continue to be teammates as both United Coal and ALEF work to create the next generation of leaders for Appalachia.  While United Coal provides resources to help find and enable young men and women, ALEF will be the execution agent for this mission. 

“United Coal is not only a great company with extraordinary leadership, the company has a great sense of social responsibility.  We have a common goal – to help educate and prepare the next greatest generation of leaders for our communities.  We are delighted to be partners with a successful company that recognizes the importance of contributing to the social development of our region,” stated General Doc Foglesong, President of ALEF. 

Two extraordinary students have been designated as United Coal Fellows for the coming year.  Jonathan Hunt, a junior at Concord University, Athens, West Virginia is a pre-med major, has an extraordinary grade point average, and is a leader on and off campus has been designated a United Coal Fellow.  Jonathan graduated from Independence High School in Raleigh County, West Virginia, and was very active in sports and other school and community activities in high school.  Also, Lindsay Scott is from Oceana, West Virginia and graduated from Westside High School has been designated a United Coal Fellow.  Lindsay is a freshman at Concord University this year and will major in Pre-Physical Therapy.   Like Jonathan, she had extraordinary grades in high school and was active in both sports and community service.

Mike Zervos, President of United Coal said, “United Coal takes its social responsibility seriously.  ALEF offers us the opportunity to help our communities by preparing leaders who will work to improve the quality of living of Appalachia’s citizens.  That means we all benefit – better citizens mean a better workforce for America.”

United Coal and ALEF – moving forward together.