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Hannah Family Tradition — Helping Others

The Appalachian Leadership and Education Foundation (ALEF) is proud to, once again, announce its continuing partnership with the Hannah Family Foundation.  This partnership is one that is a great match for both participants. 

ALEF is committed to finding, selecting, and mentoring young men and women from southern West Virginia as they migrate through four years of college.  These young men and women are typically financially challenged, smart, and have demonstrated leadership potential either in high school or in their communities. 

The Hannah Family Foundation is committed to financially helping young men and women prepare themselves for leadership roles in our businesses and in our communities.  Together, ALEF and the Hannah Family Foundation are moving the ball down the field when it comes to getting the next “greatest generation” of leaders for our state and our nation. 

Gen. (ret) Robert H. “Doc” Foglesong, President of ALEF, had this to say about this unique partnership: “This is an example of the way a generous family and a committed leadership-oriented organization can work together to better the lives of some really deserving young men and women, and at the same time, contribute to our communities by providing tomorrow’s leaders.”  Foglesong founded ALEF three years ago to work with other organizations like the Hannah Family Foundation in precisely this way. 

Everett Hannah was equally excited about the partnership with ALEF.  “Without someone to help me financially and with moral support, I would not be fortunate enough to be running my own business now.  That person was Buck Harless.  Now, the Hannah family can help others the way we were helped all those years ago by Buck,”  Hannah stated.  “Across the Hannah family, we are all proud to be part of this operation,”  Hannah continued.

The Hannah Family Foundation is sponsoring several ALEF Fellows.  Robert May, from Gilbert, is a sophomore at Concord University.  Robert is majoring in education and hopes to return to southern West Virginia and teach.  Melvia Mounts-Blankenship is a freshman at Concord University and is a pre-med major.  Like Robert, she is from Gilbert.  Miranda Daniel, also attending Concord University, is another pre-med major.  Miranda is from Beckley.  All three ALEF Fellows bring superb records, both in school and within their communities.