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Fellow Takes Childrens Literacy Program International

Lead a Lot has officially gone international! As you know, I have traveled to Ghana, where I am currently writing this letter, and presented our children’s literacy program in place that has much need for this exact thing.

First, let me describe the conditions in my location of Adenta, Accra, Ghana. The orphanage and academy, Peace and Love, where I am working is located on a dirt road and has very poor conditions in comparison to the average United States education facility. Despite this, the conditions are far from being poor, or grand, by Ghanaian standards. Most days, running water is available here, and most of the classrooms in the school even have desks.

As far as the actual education of the children is concerned, I have discovered that the art of learning vastly differs from that of the United States. With reading, the children are taught to memorize what a word looks like as opposed to being able to actually comprehend the word. Though English is the national language, few can read and write it with fluency.

That being said, while presenting Lead a Lot during my stay here, I have altered the program to meet the needs of the community. I introduced the idea of a “follow-up procedure,” in which I asked the children to read books to me, after I presented the actual program as done in West Virginia. I cannot count the hours that I have spent providing each child with the necessary individual attention, teaching them how to sound out words and the meaning of words as simple as, “honey” and “store.” This has been a long and vigorous process, and has above all else, proven to be successful. With time, the children have been adapting to these methods of learning, as opposed to guessing at basic words. Though most still struggle, the seed has been planted and I feel confident that they will continue long after my departure!

Now, on behalf of Peace and Love Orphanage and Academy and myself, I cannot thank each of you enough for all of the books and supplies that were donated through Lead a Lot! This could not have been done without your help. Now, perhaps for the first time, each child in this orphanage possesses his/her own book and has learned about our five vital characteristics for becoming successful and a leader. Each child has learned the lesson of PRIDE, in addition to acquiring new literacy skills. I am very proud and privileged to be a part of this. Thank you for making it possible! Enclosed is a letter written by four of the girls that participated in this learning process, along with their picture, on behalf of Peace and Love.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Emily Wilson
BETA Fellow

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