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Charles Town Gaming and ALEF
Continue Their Community Partnership

Charles Town Gaming and the Appalachian Leadership and Education Foundation (ALEF) are announcing the continuation of a partnership that started six years ago when both organizations decided to work to advance the opportunity for young men and women who are smart, active, and financially challenged to better understand the importance of character in their lives as they migrate to leadership roles in their communities and in our nation.

Teaming together, Charles Town Gaming and ALEF have committed to identify and enable deserving and talented young men and women to develop the leadership skills and the necessary character traits that will enable them to shape both their personal and professional lives.

“Our goal is to partner with organizations that recognize the value of and are committed to social responsibility. Charles Town Gaming is a great example of such an organization. In this case, we both are working to enable those young men and women who we hope are the next ‘greatest generation’ of leaders for our communities and our nation. We are excited to be the agent that joins with Charles Town Gaming to achieve this goal,” said General Robert H. “Doc” Foglesong, President of ALEF.

Charles Town Gaming was one of the first sponsors for ALEF. To recognize their commitment to the communities across the region, ALEF is announcing that the 2012 ALEF Leadership and Character Development Program at Shepherd University will be designated the Charles Town Gaming Leadership Development Program. This program will encompass a group of extraordinary first year students majoring in nursing, teaching, and areas leading to medical school and law school.

Al Britton, General Manager of Charles Town Gaming said, “We are well aware of the help we get from our local community and the partnership we enjoy with our friends and neighbors here in the region. This partnership with ALEF is one of the finite ways we hope to pay back our community partners as we sponsor a program to enhance the leadership and character skills of the future leaders of our communities. We are very happy to have ALEF as our executing agent for this leadership program.” Charles Town Gaming and ALEF – working together to meet our community needs.